Xanderisms: To catch a thief

Last night on the ride home from school, Xan complained that he didn’t have enough money, and really, really needed some more for his piggy bank.

I explained that I go to work to earn money, and it’s probably time for him to do some work around the house to earn some money too. I suggested some things around the house he could do for money.

I studied him in the rearview mirror as he contemplated the idea. He frowned and shrugged it off, “Well, that’s not the way *I* get money.”

“How do you get money then?”

“I sneak around the house and catch YOUR money,” he explained.

“Xander,” I said, stifling my own amusement and trying to sound stern, “Catching money is the same as stealing. If you are motivated enough to ‘sneak and catch’ money, you are definitely ready to do some chores and earn it.” 

I think we’ve hit another milestone. LOL Anybody have some advice on appropriate chores for five year old boys?

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