# 7 Countdown to 40: Dark Chocolate

Number 7: Dark Chocolate

In my countdown to 40, number 7 on the list of things I’m thankful for is dark chocolate. I know, I know, every woman loves chocolate. But you don’t understand. I love DARK chocolate. I loved it before it was trendy. Really.

When I was as young as 6, I would pick out the Special Dark chocolates from those variety packs when my friends all preferred Krackle and Mr. Goodbars. In high school, someone even accused me of only liking dark chocolate because it was the “underdog” of chocolates and said I was too soft-hearted. (I am totally not making that up.)

I bet he’s eating his words now that dark chocolate is all the rage and its health benefits are being touted.

Meanwhile, I’m peeling open a Special Dark. Mmmm.

(Photo courtesy of The Chocolate Bar)

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