#5 Countdown to 40: Thunderstorms

Number 5: Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are number 5 on my 10-day countdown to 40 list of things I’m thankful for. I never would have thunk it, but I really missed the drama of a good gullywasher when I lived in Portland, Oregon. After enduring several weeks of anemic dribble drabble, I realized that something was missing, something felt incomplete. The world seemed to need a good scrubbing down.

And that’s what thunderstorms do—they provide a good cleansing. We get the alerts on the news, see the ominous radar shots, prepare for the inevitable flooding of the Houston streets by hunkering down somewhere, and let nature do its work.

Afterwards, the air smells cleaner, purer and you feel like you’ve been released. There’s nothing quite like it.

(Photo of a storm taken at Houston Ship channel by Louis Vest)

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