Number 2: Countdown to 40: Katy’s First Day

In my countdown to 40, number 2 on the list of things I’m thankful for is the book Katy’s First Day.

It may sound crazy, but this book had a huge impact on my life. I even wrote about it in my essay to enter graduate school.

My mom used to read this story to me every night at bedtime, before I started school. And Katy was like me. She was shy, reluctant to go to school. She didn’t want to comb her hair and get ready for her big day; she liked staying home with her mom and playing with pots and pans and doing all her little girl stuff.

But mom sends her off anyway … and puts something special in her pocket as a surprise.

(I’ll stop now. I don’t want to ruin it for you.)

This book made me so eager for school, the fun, the friends, the adventure of learning. My love of learning is still alive and kicking today, day 365 of my 39th year. And Katy’s First Day provided, hands down, my favorite childhood memories of my mother and me.

Just seeing the illustrations makes me supremely nostalgic and vehclempt.

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