Watching Xan grow up: Bittersweet

Xan walked past me this evening after dinner, empty plate in hand, heading toward the kitchen sink. He didn’t need to be reminded this time, and he looked like such a grown up.

I commented, “You just keep getting so big.”

Sensitive 5-year-old that he is, he detected the sadness in my voice and tried to comfort me: “Don’t be sad. You should be happy that I’m getting bigger and bigger.”

“I am,” I said, “but one day, you are going to be so big that I won’t be able to pick you up anymore.”

“That’s OK,” he said brightly, “because I will still be with you. I will stay with you always, Mommy.”

Yet I know that if I do my job right, he won’t stay with me always. But I sure hope that the sound of those sweet, compassionate words from that sweet little voice stay with me forever.

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