Now (Written for Parallel Universes Art Show)

In that life, I am taller, thinner, stronger

My scent, unforgettable, effervescent spring

Children climb along my lithe limbs

And build homes among my brown branches

My hair blows freely in fall breezes

Lovers pick at the foliage I cast aside

And weave my abundance into their own tresses

Smiling, they make love at my feet

And I witness the flowering of new life 

In my presence, in my shadow, in my shelter

In another time, I am wide, broad, and deep

I undulate and churn with a power

That twists and tosses lesser vessels and calls out to lost souls:

Frolic by my shores, dive into my depths, flow into me

As do the rivers, streams, bayous, creeks, fountains, and springs

That cross the thick black earth

And smooth the rough, coarse rock

And puddle along your asphalt and concrete

And deposit silt and sludge, pestilence and plastic

Into me…

I absorb you

In a distant dimension, I am so very

Hungry for your hopes

Anxious for your anguish

That I draw great breaths

Until I float high and light,

Then hang heavy and dark,

I’ve become pregnant with your prayers

I am full, so full, too full

So I exhale

Howling back to you everything you’ve given me

I weep crystalline drops,

Pouring forth a flood the likes you’ve never seen.

But surely, you must have known.

Surely, you must have felt

As my tears, they are your own

And my grief is now but a trickle





In a land far away,

I flicker …

dancing lightly

I flicker …

Till I catch flame

For the thought of you

Does make me burn

And oh!

How I burn

and then!

How I rage

Until I consume

Consume both you and me

Then out, out brief candle

That life cannot sustain

So ashes to ashes then

And dust to dust then

Till none of that life remains.

Now. There is only this life.

Now. There is simply this place.

Now. Just this one time?

Now. This.

Eternal Now.

And in this Now:


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