Collaborative, interdisciplinary education is where it’s at.

According to this new article on the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s site. It’s interesting that this is the way many top business schools run their programs as well–because it’s the way the world outside of “school” tends to work.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

General education is often thought of as a means to expose students to a broad range of “essential” knowledge and to provide a historical context for the culture in which they live. These are valid, but insufficient, goals. The purpose of general education should be to produce graduates who are skilled in communication, imbued with quantitative reasoning skills, instinctively collaborative, inherently transdisciplinary in their approach to problems, and engaged in their local and global communities—broadly educated individuals with an informed perspective on the problems of the 21st century and the integrative abilities to solve them.

The article provides some validation for my preferred teaching methods. I consider myself a facilitator of learning and liked to set up my smaller classes in a roundtable or horseshoe shape–as opposed to a lecture-style format. Not only did it make me, an introvert, more comfortable, but it also facilitated better classroom discussion. I’m also a huge fan of multidisciplinary education–it’s deeper, richer, and more relevant.

Check out the article here and let me know what you think.

And stay tuned for my upcoming announcement for August’s college application essay writing workshops.

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