Colleagues and Clients:

Hayley Steele, Ecological Information Management: In 2013, I reached out to Yvonne as a coach and strategist to capture the aha! moments that were continually occurring in my life. Not only that, but aha! moments are still occurring because of things she said, ideas she introduced to me, and questions she asked. I was on a search to find positive change and quickly. I didn’t move, change careers, or make any life changes visible to others. Instead, I learned definitions of things like shame, vulnerability, and trust. Even with no outward alterations to my life, I–and people close to me– recognized the powerful effects of putting myself out there, none of which I would have discovered without her .The process of uncovering things I found worthy of putting out there as well as letting my guard down have continued to reveal valuable lessons. The long term successes are endless. I’m eternally grateful.”

Thao Pham, Junior Associate, One World Strategy Group: “Yvonne and I met at a Houston Social Media Breakfast Club, and I found that her personable and friendly nature can put anyone at ease. She brings a creativity and strategic mindset to everything she does. We started up a conversation the first time we met, and she immediately began helping me brainstorm new marketing ideas for my employer at that time. She communicates so easily and openly, and I am thankful to have her as a mentor and friend.”

David Medina, Director of Multicultural Community Affairs, Rice University and winner of the 2012 Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals Lifetime Achievement Award: “Yvonne Taylor is one of the most gifted writers and editors that I have ever worked with. Her writing skills are reflected in the excellent articles she wrote for the Rice magazine. As an editor, she helped me launch Rice At Large, a quarterly newsletter that promotes outreach at Rice. The newsletter has since won two CASE awards. Yvonne also helped in establishing positive relationships between Rice and the local communities, especially the African-American. Her accomplishments at Rice include the creation of an African-American film festival, an African-American parent tour, and establishing a rapport with the Black Student Association.

Yvonne is that rare person who has talent, intelligence, and a social conscience.”


Lisa O., 17: “Ms. Taylor’s writing workshop allowed me a sufficient head start on the college admissions process. Her eagerness to assist students is evident in every lecture she gives. In one week with her, I fully completed two essays and am working on a third.”

Christina B., 14“I had so much fun learning from Ms. Taylor! Her teaching style is creative and unique, and it shows through her passion for writing. Even though we only had one week, I learned a lot from her. She made learning about essays easy. I wish she was my teacher at school! She’s just that good.”

Billiana, 11th grade“Ms. Taylor helped me turn my whole essay around. It is now 10,000 times better than it was before. I can’t stop gushing about it. Ms. Taylor showed me hot to construct a strong outline and was very patient and calm. She helped me come up with my own ideas instead of forcing me to include hers. She’s a great writer. I learned more on improving my essay in five days than I ever did in school. And all of her students love her!”

“Ms Taylor not only knows a lot about English and admissions essays, but she also has great communication and relationships with students who genuinely like her and take her advice.”

Sofia G, 14: “Ms. Taylor is an excellent instructor. She has taught me various ways to strengthen my essays. She has also taught me how to organize my ideas. I’m going to take the things she’s taught me and apply them in my essays from now on. I really admire her teaching style. I wish there were more teachers like her. I appreciate what she has taught me, and she has by far been one of the greatest teachers in my life.”


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