I love helping young people figure out and express in writing who they are—what moves, motivates, and makes them—and where to go from there.

I currently offer two writing workshops. Each workshop series lasts 10-12 hours and is limited to eight students to ensure lots of personal attention from me and ample opportunity for each student to share insights and work.

The College Application Essay

Focus on the journey, not the destination

I believe that by viewing this essay less as a way to get into a particular school, but more as a journey of self-discovery, this writing process becomes a transformative experience for young people.

I ask students to do the hard work of figuring out who they are by asking questions like: “What experiences formed you—your personality, your perspectives, your passion?” “How will you use your unique gifts to contribute to your community?”

And I work with them to communicate their answers in their own words to the best of their abilities in the form of a unique personal essay that tells their story.

This process leads students on a journey into themselves to find their own personal treasure that they then share in writing, perhaps for the first time, with the world.

The results

And guess what? Helping students craft a personal essay that is genuine and authentic, revelatory and meaningful not only helps them gain the attention and respect of any reader, including deluged admissions officers, but also gives them a clearer understanding about where they truly want to go in life and why. The real goal is helping young people first figure out they are. Getting into a college or university is a bonus.

To be a guide and facilitator on that journey is my passion.

Students will:

  • read successful college application essays from students I know or have taught
  • respond to student writing
  • create a college application essay as a response to a current Common Application prompt or one of their own choosing


The Expository Essay

Students will:

  • respond to writing, videos and other media that expound on current events.
  • craft an expository essay in response to an issue presented in class
Teaching the college essay for a group through the Mayor’s Office Education Initiatives Department


Check out Hal Bowman’s interview of me to learn more about me as a teacher, mother, and writer.





Contact me using the form below to get started or ask questions.


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